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CLOSE – When people start pointing the finger at you for being a racist when you shoot down a 17-year-old holding a pack of Skittles, you’ve got to do some serious damage control. And it seems the people around George Zimmerman are doing just that.

Reuters interviewed Joe Oliver, a a former television news reporter and anchor in Orlando who has known Zimmerman for several years and he said, “He couldn’t stop crying. He’s a caring human being. I mean, he took a man’s life and he has no idea what to do about it. He’s extremely remorseful about it.”

I mean, I haven’t known Zimmerman for several years, but I know enough about him to know that he is not a caring human being. He shot down Trayvon Martin in cold blood because the thought he was suspicious. What about that says that Zimmerman is a caring human being? Not only that, but crying? Really!? Zimmerman wasn’t crying as he chased Trayvon down and fired the fatal shot, was he?

Oh, it gets better, Oliver goes on to say, “I’m a black male and all that I know is that George has never given me any reason whatsoever to believe he has anything against people of color.” I have officially had enough. Arrest George Zimmerman already. This is just ridiculous. All the evidence is there and now we’ve got George’s one black friend giving us a character assessment?

Oliver goes on to say, “His [Zimmerman’s] mother in law lost her job for this. He’s in hiding. His mother in law can’t see her own daughter because she fears for their lives.” Boo hoo! Trayvon’s dead and cold in the ground and doesn’t get a chance to see what 18 years old feels like. His parents will never have peace. Give me a break!

What do you think about Zimmerman’s one black friend trying to make him out to be a “caring human being?”

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