Solange Knowleshas fully come into her own after riding in the shade of her sister Beyonce’s light. The fabulous mom, model, singer songwriter and let’s not forget fashionista, tells London’s Evening Standard Magazine:

On Getting Pregnant & Settling Down at 17-Years-Old

“I just loved being at home and being domestic,’ she says. ‘We would have gotten married for sure anyway, but then I found out I was pregnant. We were crazy, impulsive teenagers and I was obviously craving some sort of stability. [My family] were alarmed and frightened that their 17-year-old daughter wanted to get married and have a kid, but I’d been working since I was 13. I was making my own money. I wasn’t really asking permission, and once they found out I was serious about it, they were supportive and amazing.’

On Her Close Relationship With Beyonce

[Kelly Rowland’s] mother was a nanny for another family, so Kelly lived with us when they first moved from Atlanta. She was like a second sister. It definitely was tough, having your sister have a built-in BFF, and me being five years younger. But my sister was very protective of me, and we were very sweet with each other. I’m sure if we were closer in age we wouldn’t have gotten along so great. But we’ve been super-close ever since I was about 13.”

On The “Sexual Vibe”of Her Next Album (Summer 2012)

“There’s a lot of sexual vibes on it. I think I just finally started having good sex. This woman came up to me the other day and said, “You know, I think people dress a lot better when they’re in love with themselves, with other people, or with where their life is.”

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