The Polichic Christina Sanders explained the latest about Texas Voter ID Bill and what you need to know with Nnete in Access Houston.

Election 2012 Update: Texas Voter ID Bill could make you ineligible to Vote in November

It has been about a year since SB-14, the Voter ID law from Texas, was being discussed as “emergency” legislation. The bill limits the way in which Texans would be able to have access to the ballot. Designated as an “emergency” piece of legislation by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, it is now urgent that we educate each other to stand against this unjust law.

SB-14 is filled with pure ridiculousness. This bill won’t allow the use of student IDs but welcomes concealed handgun licenses as acceptable forms of photo identification. Even young Texans with a student ID issued from state institutions would not be able to use them. All IDs must be issued at the DMV, and cannot be more than 60 days expired. This means that the law would not recognize government IDs received from employment, nor an expired state-issued ID even if the voter looks identical to a 61-day-old state issued ID.

Stand up for the right to vote today.

Initially, reports showed that more than 600,000 Texans would become immediately ineligible if SB-14 became law. The Houston Chronicle has since reported that this bill has the potential to impact 2.4 million Texans. The proposed Voter ID law was created to prevent voter fraud but could have the unacceptable consequence of possibly disenfranchising millions.

The Governor’s office and Texas Attorney General remain adamant about getting this surreal law in place before the 2012 election. The bill is still in the hands of the Department of Justice where they can deny pre-clearance if the evidence points to mass disenfranchisement.

Tell the DOJ to stop this Voter ID law today.

Texas is required to get any proposed changes to voting laws cleared because of the state’s longstanding history of creating laws that seek to suppress the votes of vulnerable communities. Historically, Texas’ discriminatory laws have negative impacts on communities of color, disabled communities, seniors and young voters. SB-14 is adding another shameful page to that history.

A threat to democracy is a threat to democracy! Take a stand before it’s too late.