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Waka Flocka cuddled up with a precious pooch for his PETA ad against animal abuse! “Only cowards abuse animals” reads the positive poster. This is Waka’s second PETA ad. HE appeared fully nude in the first!

Waka shared his thoughts on the subject:

“If you’re going through different stuff and feeling a certain way, an animal is always going to be the same way. No matter how you feel, an animal ain’t going to curse you out. An animal ain’t gonna fight you. He’ll show you nothing but love.

They’re not you’re size. They can’t talk like you. They ain’t got arms like you. They don’t have the strength you got to beat on them. It’s lame. It’s like beating on a baby that ain’t do nothing wrong. It’s important not to abuse dogs because physical discipline always makes a dog lash back at you. Just pick on someone your own size.”

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