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The Madd Hatta Morning Show declared today that today, February 16th, 2012  is National Block Day! This means utilizing your Facebook ‘UNFRIEND button and your Twitter BLOCK’ buttons to get those unnecessary, un-wanted status updates that show up in your timeline. We put a list together of reasons why you should block and un-friend people that are on your social networks:

1. If they are your ex and keep stalking your page, looking at your statuses, who’s liking or retweeting your statuses, checking out your friends/followers, your friends-friends and what everybody in your network is doing.  – BLOCK THEM!!!

2. If they are posting suggestive photos showing their raunchy crotch, A** shots, or their manhood – BLOCK THEM!!! ewwwww….we don’t wanna see that!!!!

3. If they type all the time in ALL CAPS!!! Am I being yelled at?? because that’s how your caps letters makes me feel!! Please click your caps lock button again or you will be BLOCKED!!!

4. If they post negative and depressing comments like “my life sucks” or “fml” at the end all of their statuses…..We don’t wanna get depressed every-time you post a status!! it messes up our day so BLOCK THEM!!!

5. If they brag about what they have all the time.…dude, no one cares that you have a car that you can’t even afford!!! You’re your own celebrity in your own head, not ours.. BLOCK THEM!!!

We also got some more reasons to block someone from our loyal listeners on our Facebook Page! These are hilarious and so true!! Check them out below:

Did we get list them all or did we miss one? Leave your comment below on reasons why you should block someone today!!!


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