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We were introduced to Towanda Braxton via “Braxton Family Values,” a reality show showcasing songstress Toni Braxton and her four sisters who have proven to be closer than a tight knitted scarf. Trina, Towanda, Tamar, Toni and Tracey, let us into their lives filled of real world problems such as: relationship woes, family issues and the hunger for stardom. Each sister is different and as we have come to see, Towanda is the peacemaker between all the ladies.

We spoke to the wife and mother of two about her troubled marriage, sister Toni’s health and some girly hair care tips we can file in our “good to know” box!

HB: How’s your family doing? last time we checked you were living with Trina.

We’re still out to lunch. It’s like I’m still trying to figure it out with Andre. The basis of it all is that we are trying to be here for our children because that’s what matters. Our lives don’t matter anymore what matters is the welfare of children, so we are trying to figure it out for them.

HB: Has your sister Trina’s relationship improved in your eyes?

They are definitely communicating better, I think one time I said even on the show that when you have a another family in your household it forces you to use your words and talk to each other and not at each other. They were arguing at each other. I guess by me and my family being there it did kind of help their relationship.

HB: What advice do you give to another woman who is in the same position as you and your husband?

I usually say if its fixable than try to fix it. You have to try and exasperate all of your options. That’s what I’m trying to do and I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to give up and marriage isn’t easy! Unless he’s beating your head in, it’s fixable and it depends on what your breaking point is. Some women’s breaking point is cheating… My breaking point is someone bashing my head in. You ain’t gon’ bash me in my head!

HB: You come across as the peacemaker, which sister is the hardest to deal with?

T-A-M-A-R…she is the baby, we have spoiled her rotten and we’ve allowed her to get away with so much. and now we’re like wait a minute, we have children we cant do this anymore, our children are watching. Now it’s time for everyone to set boundaries.

HB: Tamar & Vince are getting their own show, your feelings about it?

Im excited for Tamar and Vince, I can’t wait to see it because it’s going to be a different dynamic. Tamar is one way with her sisters and another way with Vince. So I think it’s another side of her everyone will see. She’s a bit shy as-a-matter-of -fact when she meets other people. Around us she can be herself but around other people she’s a little shy.

HB: Is Vince doing OK? he was reportedly sick

He’s good, he’s at home now!

HB: How’s Toni doing? she was recently admitted into the hospital.

She’s good, whenever she has a small flare she likes to go to the hospital get some tests and it’s good to do that before she gets a full flare-up. Lupus attacks anything, it makes you fatigue. This is how she describes it ‘It’s like having the worst flu of your life,’ your body aches, you can’t get out of bed, you don’t want to do anything. That’s basically how it is with a full flare-up.

HB: What was your reaction when you first found out about her Lupus?

Since I was working with Toni, I was kind of privy to a lot of little things. My thing was, of course I was sad, I tried to look at the silver lining, like at least it isn’t attacking your main organs like your heart meaning that she could have a heart-attack at anytime.

Since you’ve been liberated of your personal assistant duties, how has life been?

I don’t know quite how to act! All this time on my hands. I’ve been doing acting clases with Terry Vaughn. I went on an audition and I got the part! To be honest, i don’t know about this part though. It’s in a play. I think in a few years I will have an Emmy award and an Oscar!

HB: Growing up, what was one thing you mother always taught you?

That there’s no one greater than you than god!

HB: How do you maintain your tresses?

I caught a lot of flack for wearing pig tails, let’s be honest first season you don’t get a huge budget so you kind of have to figure it out yourself. I use a lot of mousse and black gel, the pro gel– keep them edges down. I wear weaves, lots of weaves…underneath I’m natural. I was always the girl that never wanted to go natural, My hair is very soft and fine so I have to be careful how much heat I put on my hair. Weaves are great for me all of my hair is braiding underneath.

5 Quick Questions:

What’s in your bag?

Lipgloss and my wallet.

Boxers or Briefs:


Last time you cried:

When my mother in law passed in 2007

Bags vs. Shoes?

That’s hard [long pause]shoes…

If you had to get a tattoo at gunpoint what would it be?

Droopy! The actual character because people say I’m so nonchalant about things but you know what ‘I’m Happy’

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