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Halloween is right around the corner and by now you probably have your costume picked out. But have you given any thought to your nails?  Recently I felt inspired to go on the hunt for nail designs festive enough for costume parties or trick-or-treating with the little ones.  I scoured the beauty supply to find the perfect shades of orange, black and white to capture the Halloween spirit.  After a few hours searching the web I found some great ideas for goulish girl nails!  Here is a simple nail design that you can recreate at home:

1.) Apply a base coat/nail hardener to your nails.

2.) Use an orange nail color as your background to set the tone for the theme–in this case a spider web design.

3.) Use black nail to create small dots by sparingly taping it in various sections of your nails. Only apply four to five dots; you don’t want to add too many or else it will start to look cluttered.

4.) Use a thin white design brush to create the spider nail design. Begin by creating a diamond shape on the nail.  Then trace a smaller diamond inside the larger one.  Add diagonal lines from corner to corner and your web complete!

5.) Finish with a clear top coat to seal the design which will help all that hard work last longer!

Knock-Knock? Who’s there?

My Spider-web nails!

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