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He might be your fav entertainer but his tipping habits in restaurants are failing to impress. The R&B superstar singer checks in at number six on the “Miami New Times” list of the “Top Ten Cheapest Celebrity Tippers.” The “Times” cites a report by which says Usher is notorious for trying to get someone else to pay for his meal, adding that he even once left an autograph as a tip. Fellow pop star Mariah Carey apparently isn’t much better, as she sits at number seven on the list. The “New York Post” says Carey once kept a restaurant open late with a really large party, but failed to leave a tip.

While Usher and Mariah are not getting much credit for their tipping habits, they’re apparently still more generous than golf icon Tiger Woods. Tiger tops the “New Times'” countdown, in large part because he likes to claim he never carries cash. Other celebrities on the list include basketball superstar LeBron James at number four, and famed comedian Bill Cosby at number nine.

Here is the “Miami New Times'” list of the “Top Ten Cheapest Celebrity Tippers”!

1. Tiger Woods

2. Madonna

3. Barbra Streisand

4. LeBron James

5. Jeremy Piven

6. Usher

7. Mariah Carey

8. Sean Penn

9. Bill Cosby

10. Rachael Ray

What should you be tipping? Click here to use the tipping calculator.

#1 terrible tipper in my book? The Box Disc Jockey below:  JAY MAC

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