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Being the reality show junkie that I am, it’s refreshing to have something on television like VH1’s “Single Ladies” which kind of reminds me of the black “Sex & The City”.  As much as people like to hate on the acting and story line of the show, I for one have loved every episode and find myself anticipating Monda’s just to tune in to see what is going to happen next.

This week was no different, as I found myself glued to my television set and Twitter page (again) making sure I caught all the jaw-dropping moments as it happened.

From Malcolm’s surprise visit from his ex-wife Ashlee; to Jerry explaining to Val that he was married and divorced three times before; to Christina’s wild sex adventures to April’s struggle to get Reed to sign a new deal, I was totally sucked in.

After watching this week’s show, I realized why I fell in love with this series in the first place. Here are a few reasons why I’m obsessed with “Single Ladies”.

1. The fashion: Val, Keshia and April wear the cutest outfits in every scene! Every time one of them steps onto the screen I’m always thinking “OMG I have to have that dress/top/skirt etc.” The fashion is definitely one of the reasons I tune in every week!

2. The real life relationship drama: from Val breaking up with her NBA player boyfriend, dating the team’s owner, Jerry, and then in this episode breaking up with him due to his past marriages and not wanting to have any children, I feel like the her story on wanting to find that perfect guy is a situation we can relate to. She’s a normal, wholesome girl; has her own successful business, is smart, pretty, caring and is looking for love. How many of us can say we relate to someone like her?

3. Keshia’s smart mouth and bossy personality. She definitely put Malcolm’s ex-wife, Ashlee, in her place on this episode. Ashlee kept showing up at Malcolm’s house unannounced and calling him repeatedly. Keshia politely let Ashlee know that she is not to be messed with! Ouch!

4. Keshia and Malcolm’s relationship. Sure these two had a rocky beginning but I love how they have fallen in love with each other as the show has progressed. I love how Keshia trusts Malcolm when he tells her about his ex-wife because let’s be real, most of us would have thrown a fit if our man’s ex kept showing up at his house unannounced. I also love how Malcolm was so supportive of Keshia’s business ventures and thought it was sexy when she handled her business over the phone. I love a man that is supportive of his woman and appreciates her independence!

5.  Omar’s bluntness! I love his personality and attitude! His side comments are hilarious, especially when he sees a cute guy. I couldn’t stop laughing when he was talking about his “live in boyfriend” and how irritated he was from him sneezing! And who doesn’t want a gay best friend!

In case you missed it, check out some clips on this week’s episode!

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