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I could not remain The King if I waited for a new year to envision personal improvement. Instead, I take daily steps to win. I make tangible goals, map out the best strategies to reach them, designate timelines and post them so I am faced with them daily. I hold myself accountable for my progress. The difference between The King and common folks is that I recognize I create my destiny. I do not wait for opprtunity to change me; I make changes consistently to create endless opportunities. If you wait for the world to dictate change, you will become who they say you are. I, on the other hand, detest what the world wants me to be and envoke the necessary changes in my life to become who I visualize myself to be…

How long will you allow the world to change you? The longer you wait, the harder to get ahead it will be. I challenge you to take my strategy, implement it in your own life and beat me at my game!

Anyone up for the challenge?

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