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Soulja Boy Sued Over Missed Show

Soulja Boy is facing a $1 million lawsuit over a canceled Harrisburg, PA concert back in 2010.

Joseph Sheldon Brewster filed the lawsuit on behalf of his company TrinCity Entertainment stating that the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper canceled a show at the last minute and kept their $16,250 deposit.

According to the suit TrinCity booked SB for a December 10, 2010 show paying the rapper a down payment of $16,250 plus paying out an additional 11,500 for bus transportation and advertising cost.

The lawsuit goes on to claim the reps for Soulja Boy’s record label, Interscope reached out to TrinCity and requested to postponed Soulja’s performance so the rapper could catch a show in Hawaii the following week.

TrinCity claims, both Interscope and Myspace agreed to pay $10,000 to toward promotion of the rescheduled show, but Myspace never paid their portion and Interscope paid too late for Brewster to promote another show.

TrinCity’s lawsuit also notes that Soulja Boy never refunded their $16,250 deposit.

Soulja Boy, Interscope and Myspace Music are all named in the suit.

Brewster is seeking $1 million in damages.

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