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E-40 is King of creating new slang in hip hop and we all know he creates a new term damn near everyday. I recently interviewed E-40, who just released 2 albums Revenue Retrieving, Graveyard Shift and Revenue Retrieving, Overtime Shift. Now I didn’t catch the slang terms during our interview but as I replayed the audio, I  found myself saying, huh? I repeated a few of the terms to a few co-workers in the office to only receive responses like, “Excuse me?!” I decided to get you guys to help me figure out these slang terms.

Check out the terms below and help me  figure out the meaning.

Game Doofy– (“If you game doofy then you ain’t gone understand”) I assume this would mean having lack of knowledge about gangsters.

Ghetto Golden–  (“I’m Ghetto Golden”) Having a high status in the hood.

Gouda– (“I’m gone get Goudaed up”)  Getting Money, Cheese, Paper.

Dujillas– (“They ain’t do their Dujillas and read up on the history”) Do your research!

Go pick up both E-40 albums “Revenue Retrieving: Graveyard Shift And Overtime Shift” in stores now!

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