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For all of you food lovers out there, it seems like there is always a new science and new discovery when it comes to our favorite foods. Whether its discovering that something else is bad for us, or something is healthy for us to eat, we can always rely on science to help us discover our new favorite healthy food, or a new guilty pleasure.

According to, there are a few things that people commonly don’t know about their favorite food, including that we like what our mother ate and that we have evolved to liking foods that are bad for us. (go figure) Check out the list below of six things you didn’t know about food, courtsey of

1. You like what your mother ate

2. The “tongue map” isn’t always right

3. The nose knows taste

4. Nostalgia while eating relates to smell

5. We’ve evolved to liking things that are bad for us.

6. Yes, you can reduce fat and salt without losing flavor

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