In order for people to know where they are going, they must know where they have already been and track back their origins to a point where they were the hungriest.

For this particular edition of Let’s Take It Back To Real Rap,HipHopWired takes a visit to New York and takes a glimpse at some of the premier artists as they were when they first started popping on the scene in Hip-Hop.

Since words fall on deaf ears, without further ado, we present straight rap.  First up to the plate are vintage Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo before G-Unit really blew.

It’s always funny to see how things are before the money.  See, Yayo CAN actually rap folks.

Next up to swing is Mos Def.

Looking to finish up the game is none other than the Brooklyn Bomber Joell Ortiz.

And there we have it folks, the rap before the money.  No need to be flashy and throw guns in the air, it’s all just strictly lyricism in this house.


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