CLOSE just learned that rapper Kanye West has thrown his hat into the another arena – ACTING!!! And in his first role, we hear he’s going to be playing a GAY DUDE.

And it gets better, the movie will have a GAY LOVE SCENE IN IT!! Wowzers. Anyway, here’s the full report, from an MTOer in the know:

Kanye has signed on to do some acting, in a flick about a GAY jazz band in 1939. He plays a GAY band member, and there is EXPLICIT gay sex in this movie.

It is being funded by ALL of his illuminati buddies, Will smith, Jay z and even Oprah has put some money into this movie. its a 20 million dollar film.

The script won 9 awards, so i think it’s good. The Oscars Academy has this thing called the nicholl, a competition for screenplays, and the script for the movie won there twice, so I guess that means it will be one of those oscar films. It isn’t the typical hood movie rappers do.

Sounds interesting . . . sorta like a BLACK BROKEBACK mountain starring YEEZY!!!


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