Russell Simmons’ second inspirational book, ‘Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All’ is in stores today. Check out an excerpt:

The journey that I’m promoting in this book, despite what the title might suggest, is not one that’s going to culminate in a mansion with a luxury car in the driveway. What I’m encouraging you to strive for, and really what I’m seeking myself, is something much greater.

— Russell Simmons

EXCERPT 1: Rich is Relative

I want to address a reaction some of you might be having to hearing me say that the money and toys should have no bearing on your happiness:

“That’s easy for the rich guy to say.”

It’s a reaction I get a lot whenever I start talking about concepts like “redefining rich” and “needing nothing.” I hear it on the streets, from audiences, on Twitter, and even from other rich guys!

I can certainly understand the sentiment. Why should you listen to me when I’m writing this book up in my penthouse surrounded by all my toys? The answer, as I’ll lay out in greater detail in subsequent chapters, is that just because I’m suggesting that you need nothing doesn’t also mean that I’m asking you to forgo any toy that I’ve enjoyed. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t enjoy driving a Rolls-Royce or watching a movie on a fifty-inch HD television. Those incredible toys were only created to be enjoyed. I sincerely hope that everyone reading this book can employee these principles to attract every toy that I’ve had the good fortune to play with. And then some. I’m not asking that you don’t hold these toys. I’m just asking that you don’t hold on to them. That you don’t become attached to them.”

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