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Messy Messy Messy! (But we love it)

Via Rodney Ho:

Of the two new “housewives” cast members this season, Phaedra Parks has been the outrageous one, spouting a fair number of ridiculous and catty comments.

Cynthia Bailey, on the other hand, has been pretty normal and borderline dull. Until the friendship contract tonight.

After the blow-up between Peter Thomas and NeNe Leakes last week over whether he was being “cold” to her, Cynthia stops talking to NeNe for a few days. She is upset being caught in the middle with one of her best new friends in Atlanta and her fiance.

Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield, who admit they know very little about Cynthia, said the times they have seen her, she talks too much about NeNe, not much about Peter. “I think Cynthia is kind of hooked on Nene – like a little tick!” Sheree says.

Cynthia and NeNe do reconcile in person at Kim’s house while Kim is getting her cellulite “lasered” off using some bizarro contraption while unapologetically eating pizza at the same time. First, Cynthia gives her a candle, a pretty mundane gift. Then she whipped out “the contract.”

“We have to have rules,” Cynthia said, after prefacing that she might come across as a “lunatic” for making NeNe sign anything.

NeNe agrees, telling the Bravo cameras: “We’re not 15!” Then she adds, “This is definitely some single black female s***.” She signs it anyway.

Her initial reaction is to say nothing about the contract to anybody else. Later, she can’t help herself and tells Kim.

Kim, of course, thinks Cynthia is a bit nutty. If given the “yes or no” line about whether to be friends, “I would have circled no and ran like hell!” But NeNe defends Cynthia in the end because she honestly likes her. “She’s not crazy,” NeNe concludes. “She just wants to be a friend.”

Bailey tweets after the show that the contract was a joke, pure and simple.

“At first it was scary,” NeNe says on “Watch What Happens Live!”, “but it’s okay now.”

NeNe during the episode also kisses and makes up with Peter, who apologizes about having a bad day during last week’s episode. “You are a firecracker,” NeNe squeals to Peter. “I’m over it and we’re back in love!” (Seriously, if those two were single….)

On the after show, she also gives no hint on whether she is divorcing Gregg or not.

“My relationship with Gregg is private,” she says with a straight face. “We’ve been together for 14 years… We have highs and lows. We are married today… You can take that for what you want it to be. It doesn’t mean we’re going to be married next week. Bam!”

In other wacky “housewives” developments:

– Sheree, who has dumped fashion in favor of acting, gets a talent agency: People Store. “This is the beginning of everything for me!” she says. She signs on to a play called “Child Support Man” for free just to get the experience. Ultimately, it’s a glorified cameo appearance, as NeNe notes. “It’s a long way from the chitlin’ circuit to Broadway,” Cynthia says, in a rare moment when she actually said something remotely quotable.

– Phaedra is fed some gossip from trouble-maker Dwight Eubanks. During Kandi’s birthday a couple episodes back, Cynthia and Kim grilled Dwight about Phaedra’s full term baby which she said was only in her womb for seven months. Dwight refused to bite and walked away. He tells Phaedra about how they were calling her baby an alien if it grows that fast. Dwight credits Cynthia with the “alien” line so after Sheree’s play, Phaedra confronts Cynthia. Cynthia denies saying that because she didn’t. But she didn’t throw Kim under the bus. Phaedra never addresses whether the baby actually was conceived before she got married, which is why people thought she was lying. But she does throw down this: “Whatever about my uterus is my business. Talking about my unborn baby is off limits!”

– Kim preps for her upcoming tour with Kandi by doing some choreography work. She can’t remember all the steps, gives up. As usual, Kim’s “work ethic” shows. She also again talks about dating Kroy Biermann, the Atlanta Falcon who impregnated her back in June.

– Kandi Burruss is also prepping for the two-week promo tour, but we don’t really see much of her. Based on previews, we’ll be seeing much more of the tour next week.

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