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VIBE recently sat down with Jill Scott for an interview and they got down to the nitty gritty on the topic of marriage. After all, she’s starring in Tyler Perry’s sequel to “Why Did I Get Married?” and there’s a chance Scott has asked herself the same question a time or two.

Having already been divorced once, Scott planned to walk down the aisle again, but after her baby was born, all those plans changed.

VIBE.COM: You are one of the featured stars of Tyler Perry’s upcoming Why Did I Get Married Too. Do you see yourself ever getting hitched again following your 2007 divorce with Lyzel Williams and a broken engagement with your former drummer John Roberts?

I don’t think I’ll get married again. I’m not looking for it. What I can say about my divorce and my failed engagement is that I learned where my bar is. I used to pray for a man who had potential, but that’s not my prayer anymore. Not only does he have to have potential, he has to have had accomplished some things in his life. He has to have a work ethic, because I don’t want to come home to someone sitting on the sofa playing PlayStation. I’m looking for someone who works as hard as I do. Who loves their work as much as I do, so at the end of the night we have something real to talk about, something exciting that makes our blood flow and boil. I need my man to be my homie. If you can’t help me grow, there’s no point with you being in my life.

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