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Apparently, there is select group of people that aren’t all too fond of Akon as outraged protesters gathered to rally against a concert from the singer on Monday.

With the troops meeting at a Sri Lankan private broadcaster’s headquarters, the group proceeded to pelt the building which resulted in damage.

Under accusations that Akon desecrated an image of Buddha after creating the music video for “Sexy Chick”, the protesters stated that half-naked women paraded around during a pool party with the statue present.

The ethnic majority that resides within Sri Lanka, are mainly Buddhist.

Along with trying to bring destruction to the facility, the protest also resulted in casualties as our workers were injured due to the melee.  Fortunately, there are reports that the injuries suffered might not be serious.

Police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody stated that many of the protesters that were responsible behind the attack have been taken into custody, according to the Associated Press.

The Maharaja Organization, who was sponsoring the concert and was attacked, has been attacked before.  On another occasion, men armed with hand grenades and guns made an advance on the building the year prior.

Check the video below.