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We have all heard of the mythical “biological clock,” which is a cliche that usually refers to women who are ready to have children. There is an elusive group of men out there, and in our heads, Hill Harper would be their poster boy –let us call them Ready-men. They are educated, successful, without children who are in their late 30’s or early 40’s and Ready-men are just as the name implies, ready to have children as soon as possible.

For years we have been fed the stereotype of the George Clooney-style bachelor who does not have any desire to ever settle down or have children. But science has now proven that a Ready-man, who a lot woman dream about, is the guy who waited until he felt successful to have a family. Now the women is the missing piece of the puzzle-sound familiar? Ladies, how many times have we said that the man is the missing puzzle, after you get an education and a career in place? See men and women have more in common then we ever thought.

According to a story in USA Today men do experience sperm reduction after a certain age.

In general, “there’s a decline in testosterone of about 1% per year for men after age 30,” said Dr. Harry Fisch, director of the Male Reproductive Center at Columbia University in New York City. But it’s difficult to pinpoint which men will have trouble conceiving a child with a birth defect based on age, he said. “The problem is the biological clock ticks at different speeds for different men,” he explained.

The study shows that men have a biological clock too. You know that you are dating a Ready-man if his first questions include: Do you want kids? How many children do you want? When do you want to start having children? If your guy is ready to start a family just make sure that you are too because ‘ready’ does not always mean that they need marriage.

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