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Diddy’s first born Justin Combs held an elaborate Sweet 16 Party last month at M2 Lounge in New York. The celebration was filmed for the MTV reality series of the same name, and though the show has featured plenty of kids living in luxury planning their over-the-top bashes, Justin’s certainly took the cake. Among his gifts were a $360,000 Maybach and Nicki Minaj as his arm-in-arm date. Granted, he received a $10,000 check which he donated to the Haiti victims, but the kid is still spoiled as hell.

Celebrities make cameos throughout the entire episode.

At the 5:30 mark, he goes shopping for jewelry, but some of the diamond and sapphire pieces are “the usual, nothing too extra.” At the 9:20 mark, his mother brings him breakfast in bed, where he confesses that he never wants to pay bills and wants to continue to mooch off of his parents. At the 12:30 mark, Justin tells Nicki Minaj: “You match my fly.”

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