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The man accused of sending Murder Inc.’s former first lady and her mother a barrage of explicit text messages and photos has been sentenced.

As previously reported 31-year-old Devar Hurd was arrested for stalking and aggravated harassment after Ashanti’s mother  Tina Douglas says he sent her pictures of his genitals and crude messages.

Douglas also says she pulled Ashanti out of a rehearsal for the Wiz on Broadway after Hurd sent a picture of Ashanti’s car outside the theater.

She testified against the man saying,

“It was just disgusting and humiliating and extremely frightening.”

Ashanti did not testify.

Hurd described himself to the court as as a music company executive, a singer, a car salesman, a model and a real estate investor and said that most women usually enjoy the pictures he sends of him pleasuring himself.

He says he got the woman’s number from an employee at Murder Inc.

He was sentenced to two years in jail.Source

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