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(ok for those that really care) WOTS… Soulja Boy is set to drop 3 (yes u heard me)… 3 mixtapes this weekend for Halloween

According to KN sources… out of the 3… 5 DJ’s will be featured (whoopi!):  DJ’s Woogie, Neptune, Holiday, DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Scream

Each 3 of the mixtapes will be named differently:

  1. “Paranormal Activity”
  2. “DatPiff”
  3. “Cortez”

“WHY?” (you may be asking yourself) is Mr Crank Dat droppin 3… Well according to his interview w/ MTV:

“”I wanted to have more music out and I wanted to have three different styles on three different tapes,”

– Soulja Boy, MTV

Different styles?  He has different styles!?? hahah

Well besides the different TRACK styles… I don’t expect him to have any different style DELIVERY or CONTENT then most of his songs

It’ll be interesting to see if Soulja Boy can surprise a “backpack kid” like myself… we’ll see

Make sure to get your copy of the mixtapes @