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As we mentioned this weekend, reports were that Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, were going to make an appearance on last night’s Grammy awards.

And they did. All except for little Blanket.

Prince, Paris, and a few of their cousins took to the stage to accept Michael’s Lifetime Achievement Award. As to why the cousins took to the stage, well, we can only assume it was for publicity.

But Prince and Paris accepted the award in their father’s honor and spoke briefly to the audience.

Prince said:

“We are proud to be here to accept this award on behalf of our father, Michael Jackson. First of all we’d like to thank God for watching over us these last seven months and our grandma and grandpa for their love and support. We’d also like to thank the fans, our father loved you so much because you were always there for him.

Our father was always concerned about the planet and humanity, through all his hard work and dedication, he has helped through many charities and donated to all of them. Through all his songs, his message was simple – love. We will continue to spread his message and help the world. Thank you. We love you daddy.

Paris then took to the mic and briefly added:

“Daddy was supposed to be here. Daddy was gonna perform but he couldn’t perform last year. Thank you, we love you Daddy.”

However, the ordeal seemed to be too much for little Blanket, with reports stating he became “overwhelmed moments before his brother Prince Michael and sister Paris took the stage.”

Though at only 7-years-old, that seems understandable.

As for Prince and Paris, they’re just TOO cute!