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Since choreographer Shane Sparks is still embroiled in a molestation investigation, MTV was under pressure to find a new judge for its dance competition show, “America’s Best Dance Crew.” And they’ve ultimately chosen Omarion to sit on the panel with former NSYNC member JC Chasez and rapper – if that’s what you want to call her – Lil’ Mama.

Howard Schwartz, one of the creators of the show, had this to say:

We were looking for a judge who could understand what the crews go through when they get on stage and perform. So, a judge that understands the performance side of it and can see when a crew comes out and definitely has IT. All in all, this is television, and we want to reach out to the audience and be able to excite them. We were looking for a judge who can differentiate dancers and dances from each other, who can tell technique apart from personality and tell technique apart from aspects of specific dances that may be confined to one part of the U.S. And also who might be able to give us an opinion that might not be the same as our other two judges; someone who feels strong enough in their own skin to be able to recognize crews that have it together.

There is a new format to the show. Every week for the first three weeks, you’ll see five crews from different regions (South, West and East). Then they will meet in L.A. for the big showdowns.

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