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“I can admit there are some problems in hip hop but it is only a reflection of what’s taking place in our society. Hip hop is sick because America is sick.” – David Banner (2007)

The stigma of being in Hip Hop and being a rapper is the fact that there is usually a negative connotation and a stereotype developed as it relates to the image of the rap star.

Generally helmed as just chasing the luxuries and life and wanting the money, cars, and women, there isn’t much room to give rappers a chance to be perceived as actually intellectuals as opposed to people doing what they can just to get a buck.

Teaming up with producer 9th Wonder, rapper David Banner is looking to put an end to such ignorant perceptions with the upcoming project Death Of A Pop Star.

“Usually in urban music, people don’t look at the artists as being intellect.  Me and 9th are pretty well learned.  I’m a semester and a thesis away from my Master’s Degree.  9thWonder actually is a professor, he’s a professor at Duke now.”

Bringing two great minds into one project, the intent is to shatter the misconception and give a little schooling to those that choose keep a negative light on Hip Hop.

Usually known for his party anthems, Banner looks to be taking this effort to present himself in a way that he has shown glimpses of on tracks such as “Cadillac On 22’s” and the most recent “Something Is Wrong”.

Check the footage below for more on the upcoming project: