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It’s been over ten years since the East Coast/ West Coast feud turned Hip-Hop upside down.  And while Puffy got rich, Suge went broke and the game lost two legends, Hip-Hop Wired just spoke to a Compton insider who shed a little more light on the situation and some back room deals that according to him lead to the ordeal.

Speaking in anonymity, the West Coast O.G. stated:

“Initially when the East Coast/ West Coast beef started, Puffy and more or less Bad Boy… some of the big wigs from Bad Boy came out to California and they were performing at one of the shows out here.  It was one of those concerts when they were out here and the whole East Coast vs. West Coast beef was going on. When they got out here they recruited these dudes from the South Side Crips and a couple other local Crip sets to go out there and to come to the concert.

So they all go to the concert and they get backstage access.  So after using their backstage access they hooked up with the big wigs and they met them back at a hotel and the after party. So after they met them at the after party, they called some of the big wigs up and they were asking them how  much they were gonna charge them (the Southside Crips) to take out Death Row.

So they came to some kind of agreement.  It was something like $20-thousand a chain.  For every Death Row chain they snatched, they wanted like $20-thousand.

Also they said it was like a contract on Death Row’s head because there was already a beef with Suge Knight running the West Coast industry and the Southside dudes wanted in and wanted to unlock the market out here.

So they made a deal.  There was all kind of war fare out here on the streets.  Baby Lane (Orlando Anderson/ Pac’s alleged killer) had actually snatched that Death Row chain and that’s why Pac had snapped when he seen him with it on.  Baby Lane had previously snatched that chain from some cat at Lakewood Mall.

And when they seen him with the chain on… all them Blood niggas… all the dudes who wore Death Row chains were all Bloods.  They all was from Inglewood Family and from The Mob and part of Death Row.  They was all Suge’s people who rushed him.

After they seen them with that chain that night and beat his ass… they ended up retaliating and killing Tupac… BUT THAT WAS THE SAME NIGGAS THAT KILLED TUPAC.  It wasn’t nobody different… same niggas that he snatched the chain from. The niggas peoples was some hard core Compton motherfuckers.  So they ended up killing that nigga.

So after that happened they wanted that money.   They raised the ante. Now you guys paying us $20-thousand for a chain.  Fuck it.  We got rid of your biggest nemesis so we want whatever you guys owe us.

So then they (Bad Boy) didn’t pay up and was like we didn’t tell ya’ll to do that.  Biggie and them was trying to handle it the democratic way by not paying them up at first because it looked real-real suspicious and shit to move that kind of money so they tried to not be affiliated with that and just let is simmer.

So Baby Lane and them was still beefing with the Mob and the Inglewood family so them niggas still on the streets even after they won that settlement with Death Row for like $3-million dollars for that beat down.  Death Row settled out of court with that nigga and he was still in the hood serving dope and shit.

They say that he (Baby Lane) owed some Bloods some money and they saw him at the car wash where they served chronic at and that’s when the Bloods got him. They ended up shooting him right there and they say it was over some money and then I heard later it was The Mob that ended up getting that nigga after slipping up there.

They had a big ass shoot out, it was all over the news back in the day. He shot a couple of people and they shot him.  The feud continued and after he (Baby Lane) got smoked, the FEDS  or somebody…they was watching his uncle who they say is the dude that ran it…the whole ordeal when they smoked Tupac.

He was like the baller of the whole family.  His name is Keefy Dee.  He’s locked up now.  They said the FEDS were on him so tough they just got him for conspiracy.  They couldn’t get him for the murder or nothing like that.  I’m not sure if he’s out or not after that.

After all that shit went down and Pac was smoked… in the meanwhile niggas still wanted their money from Bad Boy.  But Bad Boy didn’t pay up. And Bad Boy probably was going to pay up but the Crips didn’t have no time for that.

So they end up smoking Biggie when he came back out here. It wasn’t nobody else that smoked him.   Everybody got a conspiracy theory but it was just some niggas he was fucking with. Compton niggas ain’t no joke.

They wanted the money, I don’t think Biggie and them ever paid up and that’s why Biggie got smoked.

Nigga said something in his flow when I think back:

“Columbians tried to do me in, I ain’t paid them yet.” He was probably talking about the Compton niggas trying to do him in and he ain’t paid them yet.”

After shedding more light on the murders of Pac and Biggie, The O.G. stressed that it was never a coastal beef but some real live “street shit.”   He also said that it was a lesson people still haven’t learned from as many MCs believe their own character in their rhymes knowing damn well they would fold under the pressure of real killers and gangsters.

Solid point as most fools believe the hype until hot lead tears through their ass. Biggie’s words still ring true today as so called “gangsta rappers” refuse to listen.  But…You’re nobody till somebody kills you!!!