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Now by now some of us already know that Wu Tang members Meth, Raekwon & Ghostface have gotten together to make a new album… NOW it looks like another member of the clan wants to join in on all the fun!

WOTS… RZA loves the idea so much he’s gonna try to make himself a part of the project!!!

“I think it’s a great idea. I was pushing that idea to them years ago… I’m gonna see Meth tonight in the studio to see if I could add on something to that project… Add some depth to it.”


Sounds like a good idea… BUT does the the other 3 think it is?  If you remember Ghostface has had some beef w/ RZA regarding money that he feels it owed to him

According to the MC who goes by “Tony Starks”… RZA owes  him over $150,000 in back royalties. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the RZA plans on forking over any money (he feels he’s earned it since he was the group’s producer