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Text messages from Steve McNair’s alleged killer have surfaced, as well as, new evidence that there might have been someone else involved:


Text messages: In the early morning hours of July 3, Kazemi sent McNair a text asking if he loved her. “U love me,” she said. “I love you baby,” McNair replied. Later in the day, Kazemi apparently become stressed and panicked over her financial situation. “Baby I might have a breakdown im so stressed,” she said. “baby I need to pay the cell phone bills n the hospital. can u transfer 2000 to my acc.” Then approximately 5 hours later, from Kazemi: “All this bills n everything else is stressin me out.” She tells him “Baby I have 2 be w u 2nite. I dnt care where.” The last text message McNair sent was at 12:52 a.m. July 4: “No open the front door.” Kazemi replied at 1:14 a.m., “its open.”


CBS’ The Early Show did a report Monday criticizing the police investigation. CBS interviewed friends who portrayed Kazemi as happy and showed she had $2,500 in her account at the time of her death. The police report also confirmed McNair had another girlfriend, Leah Ignagni, whom he last saw July 2.


Another dude involved: New and stunning details have emerged in the ever changing story surrounding the demise of star quarterback Steve McNair. Once thought a crime of passion undertaken by a solitary figure, new developments are showing otherwise. Adrian Gilliam Jr. was cited for having been previously involved in the incident after Jenny “”Sahel” Kazemi was confirmed to have purchased the murder weapon from him. Newly released phone records have revealed that Kazemi and Gilliam shared a relationship, with a call ledger showing nearly 200 phone calls and text messages exchanged between them. Gilliam previously denied having any type of relationship with the presumed killer, noting that he could not remember her name nor how they met.


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