Today, December 4th, marks the three year anniversary of Hip-Hop Legend and Underground King Pimp C’s death.

The game’s been hurting ever since as no one has been able to keep it Trill like Pimp did.

As if he predicted the future, peep some classic footage from The Pimp and as well as few of few of his “Keep It Trillisms.”

What the game’s been missing…

“At the ends of these records we listen to right now, we don’t get nothing out of it no more.  We don’t get no social commentary, we ain’t getting no type of knowledge from these records.

Everybody just talking about how many chains they got on and how much dope they sold.   But the truth of the matter is I don’t believe you.  I know you dude and I know you ain’t sell no dope…

“I’m mad because everybody on these records lying.  Everybody is this big D-Boy.  Everybody is these hardcore gangstas.  Everybody gonna do this to each other when they see each other and the truth be told we too blessed and having too much money in this rap game to be going to war with each other.  And the truth be told don’t nobody want to fight nobody in this rap game because 98% of these dudes is cowards.”

“If you started being a gangbanger after your first or second album, then you a busta.  These kids out here listening to us and looking up to us because a lot of them don’t have father figures in their house and then the records you getting on you lying about some dope…  Get off the boo-boo.”

It’s a whole ‘lotta clones but only 1 Sweet Jones

R.I.P. Chad “Pimp C” Butler (December 29, 1973 – December 4, 2007)

UGK- “The Game Belongs To Me

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