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G-Unit frontman Lloyd Banks documented the days leading up to the release of his highly anticipated third album Hunger For More 2.

Banks teamed with, JumpOff TV and Tantrum Productions for the latest installment of “The Next 48 Hours” series to give viewers an inside look at Lloyd Banks’ life as he promotes and prepares for the release of HFM2.

“ for one they’ve been a part of my whole process of me getting into the deal,” Lloyd Banks revealed. “But you know I had to network more as an artist and handle things on my own.”

The Southside, Jamaica Queens-bred rapper thanked all the viewers for the comments on his tracks in the music section of, because he paid special attention to them.

“I want to thanks all the people that [were] just basically commenting on [my songs], whether it was negative or positive, cause that literally [is] what I used as my fuel,” Lloyd Banks told “When I was in my studio, I cut all communication off and I just dealt with the Internet, cause the Internet is the new TV.”

HFM2 is Lloyd Banks’ third album and the follow up to his last release Rotten Apple, which hit stores in 2006.

G-Unit frontman and HFM2 executive producer 50 Cent believed fans are going to be impressed with Banks’ third release.

“Banks got a real heavy album,” 50 Cent revealed. “Hunger For More 2 is gonna be classic! Me ‘Em, Kanye on it. The 23rd is going to be classic.”


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