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IRVING, Texas — The Texas Lottery admits that a clerical error is the reason two people thought they recently won 2011 Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets.

Delvin Delamar, 38, mailed in a losing scratch-off ticket for a second-chance drawing — and won.

In a letter dated November 2, the Texas Lottery told the Irving father that he won the chance to be with Jerry Jones and coaches on Draft Day in the Dallas Cowboys War Room.

That letter also said “the prize includes a pair of 2011 Season Tickets… located in the Club Seat Section between the 30 yard lines!”

The total value of Delamar’s prize is $66,667, according to the letter.

Turns out, it wasn’t all true.

“They called and told me that ‘Look, we messed up,'” Delamar said.  “There’s been a mistake in the letter that they cut-and-pasted it, and did it so quick that they messed up on the letter and I did not win the season tickets.”

Delamar won that Draft Day package — just no season tickets. That part was mistakenly pasted into his letter.

The same thing also happened to an Amarillo woman, News 8 has learned.

The Texas Lottery said this was an unfortunate — and rare — incident. No one at the commission could remember such a mistake in recent memory.

“I hope [Delamar] understands that people do make mistakes, and we stepped up to the plate when we made ours,” said Bobby Heith, Texas Lottery spokesman. “We do pride ourselves on the integrity and security of our games and what we do here. ”

Heith said despite what the letter said, the Lottery only awards one prize for each drawing; Delamar’s is the Draft Day package, which he has already claimed.

On Monday afternoon, a “corrected letter” arrived in Delamar’s mailbox explaining his winnings.

Unless he buys tickets himself, he’ll have to watch the Cowboys on TV.

The 38-year-old remains a faithful football fan, but is uncertain if he’ll continue to spend $50 to $100 a week playing the lottery.

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