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What’s Hot + What’s Not For 2010



Via HelloBeautiful:

A new year has dawned and we are all finding ourselves seeking new beginnings, and reinventing the conventions that governed us in 2009. Here is a look at some of the things that you should know about, or consider abandoning in 2010. If your swagger was on a million last year, here is your guide for doubling it. If your swag was lacking, here’s your guide  to what’s hot.

1.) Forget about the bad boys this year; instead lets go for the good ones. You know, the ones that will give you black roses instead of black eyes. Out with the Chris Browns and in with the Drakes.

2.) Bad girls are officially in style. Thanks to stars like Rihanna, the brazen bad girl image is in full effect for 2010. And we don’t mean bad like robbing banks. Instead it’s all in the attitude. Be as bad as you want to be this year ladies. Show the world that you are bold, tenacious and fierce in everything from your demeanor to your wardrobe, and you’re sure to be unstoppable in the new year.

3.) Music titans like Jay-Z and Mariah have had more than their share of the spotlight. This year, discover some underground, or new talent. Look out for Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Crew and new singers like Priscilla Renae. Shake up your music repertoire with some new blood.

4.) Forget about subscribing to other people’s brands, instead build your own. Sure, Louis Vuitton makes a statement about the lifestyle you live, or want to live, but instead of dropping beaucoup bucks on the LV brand, work on your own brand. Create an image for yourself that speaks volumes without depending on others. Re-brand yourself in the new year by drawing on your own assets to create a unique self image that will have people jocking you instead of Jay-Z in oh-ten.

5.) Hang up the keys to your gas guzzling Navi, and look to the hybrid. Stop printing EVERYTHING on your work printer (‘cuz its free) and keep it digital. Technology has advanced to a point here you can minimize your carbon footprints with ease. Invest in you planet’s health so that it does not deteriorate as we continue to bring in the new years.

6.) Nowadays everyone’s got a big butt. Whether you bought yours or grew it the old fashioned way its time to shift the focus away from the derriere, both literally and figuratively. For 2010 lets focus on being more dynamic ladies. Buy stocks, not butt implants.

7.) Conforming is so 2009. Break out of the mainstream in 2010 by going with fashion choices that inspire you, even if they are slightly…weird. Case in point: Lady Gaga. Arguably the biggest break out artist of 2009, Gaga epitomizes the anti-conformist. Her fashion sense may not work for anyone else, but she rocks her wacky ensembles nonetheless, and is lauded for her unique brave style. Ditch the Ugg boots, Speedy bag and Juicy Couture sweat suit and be less safe and more inspired with your wardrobe.