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Raz-B is continuing to accuse Marques Houston of sexual abuse.

As previously reported, the singer posted a video of a phone conversation with Houston saying he was trying to “forgive the man who had sex with him” and spoke on abuse from his former manager Chris Stokes as well.

Now the former B2ker sat down for an interview with VIBE and says that the incidents happened between the ages of 13 and 17.

He describes it as “satanic” and says he knows a number of people abused by Stokes, who is also his biological cousin.

“A lot of people share their stories with me. And it’s all crazy. Chris used to have me have sex with him and he used to suck my penis. This stuff is satanic, but I thank God for my testimony so I can help someone else.

He also says it was Houston who actually penetrated him, and he’s no longer afraid to share his story.

“The confusion is Chris did molest me but they thought he was putting his penis in my bootyhole. But that was Marques Houston. I’m very vocal [now]. I’m not afraid of anything. “

When asked by the publication if he ever ‘adamantly said no’, B says that he was finally able to leave after “I  realized that these n*ggas were really gay” and adds,

“Well I didn’t know what the f!@#$ was going on. I was a young kid and these people took advantage of me.


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