Interview Magazine, where celebrities Q&A one another, instead of with an unknown middleman, has announced their 20 Most Gorgeous People of the 2000’s.

They say, “In a decade when it has become daily ritual to witness our most famous, talented, and beautiful people in their gym sweats and flip flops at Starbucks…we thought it’d be fitting to end the ’00s with a glorious, glamorous look back…”


She seemed to come to us from nowhere in 2001, fully-formed and ready to have us fallin’ for her fiery voice and vulnerable confessionals. Tens of millions of albums sold and multiple Grammys later, she’s suddenly everywhere again, haunting our heads on Jay-Z’s zeitgeisty anthem, “Empire State of Mind.” She’s one-part Aretha and one-part Joni—which is to say that she’s timeless.

GLADYS KNIGHT: Give me some of your pet peeves.

ALICIA KEYS: Give me one of yours, and then I’ll give you one of mine.

KNIGHT: Okay, so there are some announcements that the make before you go onstage: no recording of this show, no pictures taken, none of that stuff. Then as as soon as you step onstage and you get flash-flash-flash. This is show business. This is show business. These people we hook up with go to great lengths to make sure that they’ve got control of our likenesses, and you’re going to take my picture with a cell phone?

KEYS: [LAUGHS] The cell phone thing is out of control. Here’s my pet peeve: The not-so-unstated rule that women are only to be treated as sexual objects and gawked at-you know, sitting up against a car, washing something, bending over, licking something. That just drives me crazy.

KNIGHT: It’s up to us to take back that control.

KEYS: Yeah. Make people wonder a bit more. READ PHARRELL’S INTERVIEW BELOW.

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At a certain point in 2003, almost half of the songs (43%) being played on American radio was produced by the Neptunes. Of this, the decade of the super-producer, Pharrell is the one doing it with the most style, musically and sartorially. Kanye is a fashion frenetic, but Pharrell has a sensibility that is all his own—even if we have to overlook the occasional pair of knee-length man boots. And how he finds time to design jewelry and a clothing line with all those hits to make, that’s beyond us.

BRIAN GRAZER: So, you try to free yourself up of things that can diffuse your vision?

PHARRELL WILLIAMS: Yeah, because I could be missing something. I’ve found at times that I turn things that bother me into songs, which is super-therapeutic. You know, Einstein said something to the effect that energy can’t be created or destroyed, only conjured. Those weren’t his exact words, but if we have this energy within us that makes us mobile and makes us aware of things, imagine all the things that we can do if we can just harness it. I hope that doesn’t sound too bizarre or too crazy.

GRAZER: Don’t go Yoda on me.

WILLIAMS: [laughs] Yeah, I don’t want to go that way. But there is a lot of energy out there, and it’s up to each of us to use it. Music just happens to be my channel.

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