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Tattoos in Hip-Hop have become all too common, from the simple to the extreme. While some rappers choose to decorate their bodies in the most basic of ink, others take things a little too far.

Add in fanatical fans who follow in their footsteps and you’ve got the list of “Hip-Hop’s Biggest Tattoo Fails.”

-The Game’s Butterfly Tattoo

Before Jayceon “The Game” Taylor donned his tribute to his hometown on his face, the West Coast rapper had a picture of a butterfly.

Obviously sensing the error of his ways, he switched it out for the words “L.A.” before inking it out completely with a star.

Much better, if you consider any kind of face tattoo “better”…

– Jermaine Dupri’s Janet Jackson Tattoo

Back when Jermaine Dupri was wildly in love with R&B superstar Janet Jackson, he proudly showed the world a portrait of her on his side.

Now that the two have broken up, is this just a reminder of the past? Where’s Janet’s tatt?


-Kenyon Martin’s ‘Trina Lips’ Tattoo

Although not a Hip-Hop artist himself Kenyon Martin of the Denver Nuggets fell for rapper Trina and decided to tattoo her lips on his neck.
With the help of the Miami rapper who bragged in “My Chick Bad” that she was “ so good it make em wanna tattoo my lips on em” , Martin proudly donned a permanent replica of her pronounced pucker.

By now you should know what happened next….the pair has since split and the tatt has been replaced by an…uhhhh…crown???


-Birdman’s ‘Head Stars’ Tattoo

Birdman shocked fans in ’09 when he suddenly appeared with a set of stars on the top and sides of his skull, reportedly paying homage to his Five Star album.

Before the stars however, Baby had a tatt of “Bronald” on the side of his dome in celebration of his oil and gas company thatnever existed he announced earlier this year.


-Lil Wayne’s Endless Face Tattoos

Weezy F. Baby is known for being tatted up in a number of places including his neck, arms and even on the inside of his lip.

One area that stands out however is on his face.

The Young Money head has tattoos on his eyelids that read “Fear God”, a tattoo that reads “I Am Music” in red ink, “misunderstood” on the side of his face, tear drops and a tattooed vein in the middle of his forehead.

Weezy took things up a notch however when he opted to get stars that illuminate when put under a Black Light just before checking into prison.

Now Wayne, look what you’ve started now…SMH…


-Nas’ Topless Kelis Tattoo

We all know about the demise of the relationship of Nas and Kelis  that played out nastily in court last year.

In happier times however Nas decided to immortalize the woman he loved with a topless tatt of the NY songstress.

Unfortunately a young son and a divorce later, and the ode to Kelis is gone and has been replaced by a lion.


Nick Cannon’s ‘Mariah’ Tattoo

Nick Carey Cannon showed his love for his wife Mariah by tattooing her name across his back. Mariah decided to show her love with a small butterfly on her lower back that reads “Mrs. Cannon.”

Nicki’s HUGE back tatt compared to Mariah’s TINY butterfly = FAIL.

Gorilla Zoe’s 100 Dollar Bill Neck Tatt

-Although suffering from an ailing music career, Gorilla Zoe found himself back in the headlines when he debuted this trifling interesting tattoo across his neck.

While we understand that money stays on Zoe’s…uhhh..neck…there really is just no excuse for this. Not a one!


-“Gucci Face” Boy

While we’re not exactly sure who this is or if he’s even a Hip-Hop artist, we blame rappers who glorify the Gucci logo for this travesty.

A picture of “Gucci Face” began circulating on Twitter earlier this week showing an unknown boy with Gucci tatted completely on the side of his face.
One question:

Where do you work with a tattoo like this?!


Honorable Mention:

-Mike Tsyon

While he’s not a rapper (Thank you Jesus), Mike Tyson’s tribal markings across his face raised eyebrows when he debuted them in 2003.

The markings are said to be of ancient African origins before becoming prevalent among tribes in New Zealand.  Instead of paying homage to his heritage Iron Mike had a much simpler reason for getting them and told the New York Daily News,

“I didn’t like the way my face was looking.”