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The ex-fiance of rapper Shawty Lo was arrested Wednesday after police say she attempted to bring loaded weapons into a local courthouse.

Ecreia Laki Perez was taken into custody after police found a semiautomatics hand gun and a stun gun disguised as a cell phone in her purse when she tried to enter the Fulton County courthouse.

When questioned about the weapons, Perez told authorities she “forgot” she had the items.

The Fulton County courthouse is the same facility where the infamous Brian Nichols shooting took place in 2005, leaving a judge, court reporter and sheriff’s deputy dead.

Perez has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a weapon to a public gathering.

As previously reported, her engagement to Shawty Lo was suddenly called off in August just months after the Atlanta rapper proposed.

There was speculation that Perez stole money from L-O but the rapper has since denied those claims.

He was not at the courthouse at the time of her arrest.


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