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A few weeks ago we reported that the “Basketball Wives” couple we loved to hate had a wrench thrown in their wedding plans: “NBA Wives” Gloria Govan & Matt Barnes’ Wedding Cancelled

As you know, rumors started to swirl. After all, on the show, Gloria often bragged about how successful and mature her relationship was in comparison to the other girls. But this story got out anyway: Is Miss California Tamiko Nash Behind Gloria & Matt’s Wedding Cancellation?

VIBE caught up with Gloria and Matt recently, and the couple discussed the truth of the matter. They also confirmed that they would be on the second season of Basketball Wives even though both Gloria AND Shaunie have said otherwise.

Read those false claims on here: Gloria On Shaunie’s Trash Talk: “It’s Unnecessary Since She’s Almost 40″

We wouldn’t be surprised if this “cancellation” is all a stunt and they use the publicity surrounding Season 2 to reschedule the wedding.

Gloria on Why They Decided To Cancel The Wedding

Matt and I feel like marriage is something that shouldn’t be rushed into. It wasn’t any outside party. We’re committed and dedicated to working on our relationship and we’re still together but again, we felt like this wasn’t something that was in our hearts at the time. Marriage is something that is definitely our goal but again, we’re not rushing into something that we just feel like isn’t right for us at the time so we’re just taking the time to work on our family.

Matt On Deciding To Return For Season 2

I just think there was a lot of negative but a lot of positive came from it too. Gloria and I sat down and talked and we decided we gotta use the show the way they’re trying to use us. A lot of doors have opened up for her in opportunities that she would like to pursue for a career and a few things have opened up for me as well and with us moving back to LA even more doors are gonna be opened. So we feel that we can use the show the way they’re going to try to use us to get into our lives and our family.

Gloria On What She Would Like For People To Take Away From Season 2

I just want people to know our relationship is never nor will it ever be perfect and that’s ok. I don’t think relationships should be rushed to what outside society wants. When you allow letting people in that’s when it starts to get messy and it becomes more stressful than it has to be. Relationships are tough and you have to work at them. You don’t have to submit yourself to what other people think and how they feel you should be doing in a relationship.