Slo Down, known for being the mask toting member of the St. Lunatics rap group, is making allegations against Nelly.

The former friend of the St. Louis emcee claims that while the Nelly was “eating”, his bandmates were snacking” and barely getting paid for their services.
Alongside his old groupmates of Murphy Lee, Ali, Kyjuan and City Spud who was recently released from prison, Slo Down says the “E.I.” rapper took half of their money and left the rest of the money to be split between them.

“I might fuck around and get emotional talkin’ about all how that money was getting’ split up, shit was crazy…N*ggas was eatin’ and I wasn’t one of them n*ggas. I was snackin’… I was lunchin’, havin’ lunch every now and then, and n*ggas was eatin’ four course meals and ain’t have sh*t to do with sh*t.”

As for what Slo Down says he brought to the group, he says that while he didn’t rap, he contributed with his “ghetto sign language”, a service he wasn’t properly appreciated or compensated for.


“I ain’t write no lyrics or nuthin but…I brought more to the stage show…I probably had good influence o the lyrics…I brought more to the stage show, just the image. I was part of the brand…Ghetto sign language, I talk with my hands a lot. I associate it with my own…I like to call it my own language. I was great onstage…”

While being filmed in a room filled with Nelly’s gold and platinum plaques Slo Down muddled over the idea of selling them on Ebay.

“I’ll wait for Nelly to get a hit and then I’ll put them on Ebay. Right now they’re probably worth the paper they’re printed on.”

The sign language artist is said to be releasing a book of memoirs on his time with the group.


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