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A Florida man Arnim Ramdass who won a $19 million Florida Lotto jackpott in 2007 left his wife Donna Campbell who had their home foreclosed on.

Arnim Ramdass and a group of co-workers, mechanics at Miami International Airport, won a $19 million jackpot back in June 2007. He never told his wife, Donna Campbell and instead hid his wealth from her. Shortly after, Ramdass started acting suspicious and eventually left her, according to

A previous lawsuit Campbell filed was dropped. Ramdass stopped paying the mortgage, and their home went into foreclosure, the same source wrote. Before he left, Ramdass also took all the furniture including the washer and dryer.

Now Donna Campbell of Miramar wants to serve her husband with divorce papers. But she can’t find the guy, Miami Herald reports.

Examiner informs that Campbell, a former beauty pagent contestant, said police haven’t been able to locate her husband, but she believes he is still in the Florida area.

She found out that her husband won a lottery only after she grew suspicious and ran a Google search on him. So in 2008 Campbell, 49, sued Ramdass for a chunk of the change. The judge said no. Ramdass walked out on her and the bills they once shared, Miami Herald reports. And on Tuesday night, she will be evicted from their former home in the SilverLakes subdivision. “I thought winning the Lotto was supposed to bring together a family, a husband and his wife,” Campbell said Monday. “But all I got was deception and lies.”

Campbell, a runner-up in the 1979 Miss Trinidad & Tobago beauty pageant and a retired skin-care model, started renting out empty rooms in the house to cover her expenses, according to the same source. Meanwhile, the mortgage was not being paid. The house was auctioned off in July, but the owners let Campbell stay until now as she tried to untangle a complicated legal case that is still being fought in family court.

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