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Women can go through hoops when it comes to pampering themselves and looking good, but here are 5 products we should do our best to avoid:

The Wet-To-Dry Hair Straightener

Applying intense heat onto wet hair causes severe breakage and damage to your hair, and chunks could actually fall out. If you must flatiron your hair, always use protectant, and make your your locks are bone-dry first.

Skin Lightening Cream

Sometimes used to reduce acne scars, sun spots, or age spots, skin lightening, or bleaching cream is very dangerous. Many creams have been banned all over the world due to the hazardous outcomes; the hydroquinone in most creams has been linked to leukemia as well as reducing your tolerance to sunlight, increasing your chances of getting skin cancer.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

If you’ve ever burned your neck with a hair curler, imagine that feeling…on your eyelid. These suckers either don’t really heat up at all, or they heat up a bit too much, so you end up looking like an unsuccessful pyromaniac. A regular eyelash curler works just fine, girls.

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