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An Oregon masseuse is accusing him of sexually assaulting her. She filed a complaint last year, saying that he assaulted her in 2006, during their 3 hour massage session at an upscale Portland hotel.

The supposed incident happened at Hotel Lucia, October 24th. The 54 year old masseuse, who chooses to remain anonymous, says she was called by the hotel administrator to give a late night massage in a VIP clients room. Well that VIP client ended up being 62 year old, Gore. He was in town to give a speech on climate change. She told police that Gore asked for an abdominal massage. The masseuse said Gore began to moan during his appointment, insisted that she go lower, and grabbed her hand and guided it to his pubic area. She later claimed that Gore tried to have sex with her, groped her, french kissed her, massaged her, and grabbed her breasts.

At one point, she claims that Gore pinned her down, and that’s when she got an injury to her left leg and knee. She says that Gore was so persistent that she referred to him as a “sex-crazed poodle” for being “out of control.”

After the incident, the woman says she told two friends and saved the black pants that she was wearing because they had stains on them. She says since that night she has been traumatized, can’t sleep at night, and her work is less enjoyable and more stressful. She says she has to see a shrink now.

She also told police that she only wanted “justice” and not money. Funny thing, last month she was reportedly considering suing Gore approaching the National Enquirer, asking for $1 million for her story.

No charges have been pressed against Gore. And he has no comment on the incident.