(Kenosha, WI) — Apparently a number of people aren’t mentioning what they really need for Christmas — because they’re unmentionables! A new Jockey International survey shows that 43-percent of Americans believe their underwear drawer needs some freshening up. In addition, 21-percent think their significant other could use some new drawers in the drawer as well, while 16-percent say their kids would benefit from some new undergarments and six-percent add that their parents could use a few new pairs. Many folks are also seemingly reluctant to part with their overused undergarments. Fifty-five-percent say they toss out their underwear when it’s in such a condition that they would be embarrassed to be seen in it, while 41-percent get rid of underpants if they no longer fit. According to a previous Jockey poll, more than 25-percent of respondents said they had underwear that was more than five years old, and 79-percent admitted they had pairs of underwear that were torn, stained, or otherwise discolored.

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