(Undated)  —  Doctors at a Canadian sleep research lab say they’re seeing more and more people having sex in their sleep, and not remembering it later.  Dubbed “sexsomnia,” “USA Today” reports it affects about one in every 12 people referred to the Sleep Research Laboratory at the University Health Network in Toronto.  Researchers asked about 832 of their patients about sex while sleeping.  About eleven-percent of male patients reported engaging in sex sleep, versus only four-percent of their female patients. 

People who suffer from sexsomnia say they don’t recall their nocturnal activity.  When the sexy sleepers were compared to other patients with the usual run of sleep disorders, scientists found only faint clues to the problem.  About twice as many with sexsomnia reported illegal drug use, but it still only amounted to 16-percent of them.  Same thing with alcohol abuse, which was reported in 41-percent of the somnolent love bugs.  The lead researcher, Sharon Chung, tried to allay fears that sexsomnia was a problem.  She said, quote, “as long as your partner doesn’t mind, it’s not a problem.  Though it can leave you tired the next day.”


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