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Laneisha Smith

Source: The Madd Hatta Show / Radio One

If you live in or around the Houston area, there’s no doubt you’ve been affected by the storms that have hit our city recently. Last month, a powerful storm brought a tornado and devastating winds that caused billions of dollars worth of damage to the Houston area. While emergency crews jumped in immediately to reverse the effects of the storm, it’s expected to take months at least to repair the damage. Here’s a look at some of what was impacted.

Downtown Houston was hit especially hard by winds due to a derecho, blowing out windows on high rises and littering the streets with all sorts of debris.

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Whether it be power outages, property damage and in some cases, personal injury or worse – we all have a story to tell. Luckily, there is help. Today Hatta caught up with Lenisha Smith, a FEMA spokesperson who explained the proper steps to take… after the rain.

Check out the interview below.

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