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Unfortunately, we can’t blame this one on AI.

And for the record, we completely blame Drake and Kendrick Lamar for this. Big Shaq.. we love you but put the microphone down slowly big fella…

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On Friday (May 10),Shaquille O’Neal had apparently had enough. Enough of what, exactly? Well it seems like the big man is tired of Shannon Sharpe and his critiques: The pair have been feuding ever since Shaq said he didn’t feel Denver Nuggets player Nikola Jokić deserved the NBA MVP award this season.

“I’m not happy with this one,” O’Neal told NBA On TNT listeners. “Congratulations to Joker, you are the best big man in the league, but based on everybody’s criteria, my criteria, stats, stat-stuffer, your guys’ criteria, No. 1 seed, which team has the better record, I felt Shai Alexander deserved it.

During a recent episode of Sharpe’s “Nightcap” Podcast, he told Chad Johnson and Gilbert Arenas that he insinuated that O’Neal may just be bitter.

“Shaq is never brought up in [GOAT conversations],” Sharpe said. “And I think a part of him is envious of that.”

But that wasn’t all.

“If Shaq had had my work ethic, he’d have had 40,000 points,” he added.


Check out Shaq’s new diss record, a response aimed directly at Shannon Sharpe, below.