As if she didn’t have enough press already, sources are reporting that Pop-Diva Lady Gaga was caught in her bra and panties, flipping off the paps at the Padres and Yankees game yesterday at Citi Field.

Apparently, her front row seats were so close to media photographers that she couldn’t enjoy the game.  A source told the New York Post, “[Gaga] was psyched to go the game, but she felt it was unfair that she was seated right by the paparazzi. Having them take pictures of her all game would’ve been annoying to all the fans. That was going to ruin it for everyone.”

So instead, Gaga left her seat and was spotted later during the seventh inning in a luxury VIP box flipping off the paparazzi in a bedazzled studded bra and panties ensemble.  The crowd looked on as she continued throwing up the middle finger and a close pal mentioned she also cursed the photographers saying, “F*$# you!” numerous times. Gaga who came in wearing a coat, watched the remainder of the game in her undies.

We all know that Lady Gaga is known for doing bizaare things so this shouldn’t come as a surprise! I’m sure it made for good entertainment for the crowd!

Do you think it was a publicity stunt? Was Lady Gaga’s antics necessary all because the paps were taking photo’s of her?