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Source: Gerardo Mora / Getty / Carl Weathers

The world lost an icon in Carl Weathers last week, but fans will still see the late actor one last time, thanks to a FanDuel Super Bowl commercial.

Spotted on Variety, FanDuel says it will still air the Super Bowl spot featuring Carl Weathers. Leading up to this weekend’s big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, the sports betting company has been airing teasers for its big game spot that stars Weathers alongside retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The teasers follow the NFL champion as he gears up for the Kick of Destiny 2, where viewers can watch him attempt to make a 25-yard field goal, and America can bet on if he either misses or makes it.

Last year, Gronkowski missed the kick, but in the teasers, he gets some encouragement from Weathers in the teaser where he scoops up the NFL analyst on a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Some Changes To Commercial Will Be Made

Variety reports that after initially saying it would make adjustments to the commercial, FanDuel says it will run the ads and make some changes so that it will be appropriate. “The family has been very supportive that they would still like to see Carl in the work,” Andrew Sneyd, FanDuel’s executive vice president of marketing, said after consulting with Weather’s family.

Sneyd continues, “We need to change what we are doing in the Bowl. The live event itself carries forward and as is. Rob will kick the field goal, and he will be even more inspired to make it. He really enjoyed meeting Carl and found him to be such an optimistic and energetic person.”

“We had built a master. One is an edit if he makes the kick, and we have an edit if he misses. That content we had in those masters wouldn’t be appropriate for us to do anymore,” Sneyd adds. “Since the news of Carl’s passing came, we have been working with editors to help us get back to something that does make sense.” FanDuel, he adds, is in contact with Weathers’ family “to make sure they are comfortable.”

He continues, “Such work has been difficult. We have been viewing edits through tears. We really enjoyed the short time we had to work with him. He’s a wonderful man, and he genuinely is an inspiration and had such a positive outlook on the world. We want to make sure we try to meet this moment with the respect it deserves.”

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