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Gabrielle Union On Good Morning America

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Gabrielle Union stopped by “Good Morning America” to discuss her upcoming Netflix rom-com film The Perfect Find, her milestone birthday back to the Motherland and our favorite shady baby Kaavia’s thoughts on Princess attire. Read more about the interview and watch inside.

Actress and producer Union appeared live on “Good Morning America” today (June 13) to discuss the Netflix summer romantic comedy The Perfect Find, her family, her 50th birthday trip to Africa and more.

While speaking of her 50th birthday trip to Africa with her family, Union declared, “To know Africa is to know yourself” because “we all came from Africa.”

As for the upcoming rom-com — which Union stars in and produced herself — the “GMA” hosts asks her if she used inspiration from her real life to channel her character.

“In real life, Dwyane is 9 years your junior,” host Robin Roberts said in the interview. “Did you use any inspiration from your life?”

Union replied with, “Oh yes there was a lot of method acting going on.” She goes on to share how she helped her co-star Powers with helpful tips about how she spends her time as a now 50 year old woman.

“These are my compression socks,” Union said on the interview, regarding what she shared with Powers during their filming of The Perfect Find. “I’m going to be listening to The Spinners and perhaps The OJ’s.”

Union revealed that she really brought him into her world. She also notes that she was a “massive fan” of the book written by Tia Williams, which the film was adapted from.

The highlight of their conversation is what our favorite shady baby Kaavia James Union Wade is up to these days.

“She believes to be a princess,” Union shared about Kaavia. “To be royalty, you have to wear a dress.”

Mama Gabrielle did her best to debunk the Princess wardrobe myths, using her celebrity friend Dana Owens (also known as Queen Latifah) to prove her point.

“Ms. Dana is not her real name,” Union told Kaavia. “Her name is Queen Latifah.”

In an effort to share the true nature of royalty, she told a tiny fib.

“It’s true,” Gabrielle adds. “She didn’t want you to know. She wanted to be treated regular.”

Union notes that princesses can wear whatever they want like Queen Latfiah who often visits with her “sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on.”

We love to see it! Queen Latifah is definitely Hip Hop royalty to us.

Watch the full interview here.

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