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Men's Health ft. Caleb McLaughlin

Source: Andrew Hetherington / Men’s Health

“Stranger Things” star Caleb McLaughlin talks with Men’s Health about his training and conditioning routine as he prepared for his role in Universal Pictures’ Shooting Stars. Read more about his latest role and details the interview inside.

In a new “6.A.M. With…the Little Big Shot,” actor Caleb McLaughlin takes Men’s Health along on his training and conditioning journey for his latest role in Shooting Stars. The film was released June 2 and available now to stream on Peacock. It follows the inspiring origin story of a basketball superhero. It uncovers how LeBron James and his childhood friends became the No. 1 high school team in the country, launching James’ breathtaking career as a four-time NBA Champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist and the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

McLaughlin portrays LeBron’s best friend, Dru Joyce III, who’s currently a basketball coach for the Duqesne Dukes men’s team and former professional player.

The actor explains how he went from filming Netflix’s “Stranger Things” to Shooting Stars.

“Training for me is almost like therapy,” McLaughlin shared in the interview.

McLaughlin understands that few people know how hard he trains or how long he’s been working at his gym craft. To portray LeBron’s high school best friend on the small screen in Shooting Stars, the 21-year-old actor blended his lifelong passion for fitness with his second love, basketball.

He’s featured in the “6am With…” column in Men’s Health’s May/June issue, sharing his training techniques.

“I’ve been super competitive my whole life,” McLaughlin said in the interview. “I’ve always been into, like, physique and health. I just felt that if I stay consistent with doing pushups and situps, I’ll be ahead of everybody else.”

McLaughlin also expresses what he’s gained from each training session, adding, “I’m understanding what these workouts are doing for me. And even now that I’m starting to implement weights into my workouts, I don’t ego lift.”

He also has a special “Train Like” video where he takes viewers through his workout routine, which prioritizes conditioning and strength. McLaughlin also shared his favorite exercises to put on muscle and improve athleticism. The cherry on top, he shares some words of advice for those on their fitness journey.

“I try not to compete with anybody else,” McLaughlin said. “Everyone has their own workout schedule and how they workout. Try to reach a goal for yourself. [If] you’re doing one pushup for the first day, the next day try to hit two. Just compete with yourself, don’t compete with anyone else.”

Check out the full Men’s Health interview and training session featuring Caleb McLaughlin here.

Watch his “Train Like” video below:

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